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Welcome to IERE Lab! We are initiating this curated column in the midst of disaster and uncertainty, as COVID-19’s ravages and the George Floyd-inspired nationwide protest and demand for change alters our world, our mission, our lives, our identities, and our work. Our Work. The space that melds the personal, practice, and policy to our future.

IERE Lab reflects our Mission in the scary, uncertain time of COVID. Our reflections and contributions cannot wait for the next research report, media interview, press report, Heller Highlight, or truncated Twitter shout out. Our commitment is to bring fresh and short (750-1,000 words) essays on the most pressing issues of the day centering race, equity, gender, and wealth as our North Stars. We see ourselves as a place where evidence and analysis meets narrative, advocacy and mobilization, and policy as a theory of change. IERE Staff, community partners, guests, and involved graduate students will contribute posts in the weeks and months ahead. We hope that this Lab will synergize with other deep thinking, reflections, and strategizing during COVID and add to our understanding of racism, structural racism, and white supremacy.

We will continue with IERE Lab only so long as these columns add value to critical transformations in the public discourse, narrative, policy, research, evidence, advocacy, and partnerships.


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Disclaimer: Posts are solely the views of the author and do not represent the views of Brandeis University or The Institute for Economic and Racial Equity.